Thursday, 14 January 2016

Back to School Haul

 I know it’s a bit early to start shopping for back to school supplies but I thought I’d start early this year since I usually don’t do it until the last minute when all the good stuff is gone.

I went to Target and Officeworks to get my goods and I have to say that this year there was quite a variety of options to choose from in terms of colours and patterns.

I wanted to go with a black and white them and tried to find marble contact paper or wrapping paper to cover my books with. Unfortunately the only thing that came close to what I wanted cost a lot more than what I was willing to spend on school supplies!
I found a guest post on Charlotte Russe’s blog by FashionLush on how to DIY wrapping paper and I adapted that to suit me. (Another post coming up soon on how to do that)


I found a white folder to hold my books when I’m taking them to and from Uni, I got 3 128-page notebooks with holes down the left side so they go into my folder easily, and lastly a pack of highlighters that aren’t the usually thick size, so they fit more easily in my pencil case.


I was super excited to have a look and the back-to-school section because I’d already seen what some of my friends had bought here. I found a tonne of great stuff here with really cool designs that suited my minimalism style. I grabbed some liquid-paper which I’m also using for a DIY in a later post, and notebook pack with a fern printed A5 notebook that came with some pens and sticky-notes and a roll of blackboard adhesive.

I didn’t want to get too much stuff because I know that I won’t use everything and it’ll end up being a waste of money so I kept my shopping to a minimum. I’ve just started the minimalism challenge so I thought I’d keep that in mind when doing any shopping.

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