Who I'm Following

Here is a list of my most frequently visited blogs and sites. 

I love her photography! So beautiful. She does a lot of photo diaries and travel blogging so I like to see her blog as a sort of escape from my own life.

The first make-up tutorial I watched was created by her and I've been hooked ever since. I love her videos as well as her blog posts - I always see something that I need! She has a fun and quirky style to her that really appeals to me.

Hello October
I really like how she styles her photos - she does a lot of high-end beauty posts and I love her honesty and writing style.

Muse by Maike
This is a blog I found completely by accident and I like to browse through the photos for my own inspiration. I sometime use the photos when I make my goals page for the month, as they add a really nice touch.

Windy City Bloggers
I come here whenever I have blogging troubles - they have some amazing posts on ideas and inspiration as well as how to start your own blog. There is also some good info on how to work with different platforms etc.

This sites great for keeping track of what books I want to read, and which ones I have already finished. It allows you to rate your books and organise them into different 'bookshelves' depending on whether you have read them or not. I use this as a sort of wishlist for christmas and my birthday, or whenever I want to treat myself to a good read (see what i did there ;) ).

I use this site to find fine jewellery at good prices (I find a lot of thin rings and earrings here) as well as accessories. Easy is also great for stationary - I've bought a lot of back-to-school supplies here!

I think to think of this site as a news site which caters to younger people. It has articles that range from current affairs such as asylum seekers, all the way to sex advice! I have this up as my default homepage and always find something interesting to read here.

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