Saturday, 21 November 2015

Festival Time!

So this year all my friends and I have got tickets to go to Stereosonic (a massive festival in Sydney).

Here is my quick guide to what to bring to ensure you have a fab day...

- Water! ( you can't always bring this inside, so make sure you grab a bottle as soon as you pass the gates)

- Sunscreen (you never know how the weather will turn out)

- Rain-jacket/Poncho (preferably an inexpensive one because you'll probably lose it)

- A hat of some sort (to protect your face and hide your sweaty hair at the end of the day)

- Your phone (to take photos and Snapchats of course!)

- A portable charger for you phone (because I can guarantee it will run out of battery)

- Your ticket (obviously)

- Your ID (most festivals are 18+ so you need to show this to get inside)

- Gum (food is expensive so we usually just bring loads of gum so we don't get hungry)

- Lipbalm (no one wants chapped lips at a festival)

- Make-up essentials (you don't want to being too much but I'd recommend bringing concealer, powder and mascara)

- A small bag

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